Sling Aircraft Adventures

South African aviators James Pitman and Mike Blyth sleeping int he wild Namib dessert

This is some of the best “Made in South Africa” YouTube series I have ever found. Well done Shifty Media!

Wild Landings Namibia

Wild Landings Namibia Part 1 –

Wild Landings Namibia Part 2 –

Wild Landings Namiba Part 3 –

Around the World in 40 Days.

South African adventurers, Mike Blyth and James Pitman’s design and build their own light sports aircraft and then fly it around the world, completing the longest straight-line flights ever flown in such a small aircraft. “This was the craziest thing that two human beings can think of doing”

Around South Africa in 3 Days

James Pitman and Branko Brkljac of Sling Aircraft attempt to fly around South Africa and ride their prototype Sling Tagati bicycles in each of the country’s 9 provinces over the 3 day Heritage long weekend. James and Branko are in the factory Sling TSI and filmmaker Lloyd Ross is in the prototype Sling High Wing, piloted by Sean Russell.


No Need for Parking – an African Rock Adventure –

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