Roots to Glass

I have had to learn about farm to table, orchard to bottle, and now: Roots to Glass.

Look out for Kumara Craft Gin, which is handmade from Sweet Potatoes.

Kumara a unique gin made from sweet potatoes

I have fond memories of my grandmother’s sweet potatoes dish, boiled until soft and then fried and caramelised with lots of butter and sugar.

To say that I was intrigued, when I received a beautiful packed bottle of Kumara Craft Gin, is an understatement. A gin made out of one of my favourite childhood veggies.

When I visited distillers I like to take the opportunity to share some of the treasures that I collect along the way.

Kumara is a unique spirit with a very unique and delightful taste which I gladly tasted with Lauren and Angelo Wilkie-Page during my recent visit to Midlands Distillery.

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