Garnish your Gin

We all know gin is in. Craft Gin was the innovator, but now brands like Gordons, Tanqueray and Belgravia London Dry Gin are benefitting the most out of the gin trend. Look out for The 1 Gin which is looking for some action taking on the KVI’s:

Every half-decent retailer now has a massive selection of colour-full and colour changing gin. And unless you are a specialist, it is difficult to justify stocking more gins. Here are two more that I recommend this week: and

I believe that GIFTING and GARNISHING offers a big opportunity for clever retailers, and will allow them to create some excitement in their stores (and make good margin).

Dehydrated or dried fruit garnishes – see how Tanya from Gin & Co makes her own dehydrated fruit:  It is hard work, and probably quite expensive to make them yourself, fortunately I have seen a number of fruit farms, who offer these products, so it may be a good idea to just order them in:

Spiceberg Gin Spices:

The Gin Tin gift pack is very exciting and I would recommend that every retailers gets these in for Christmas.

Secco Drinks Infusions. Still the market leader in this category:

Lots of innovation from Sugarbird & Friends with their Gin Advent Calendar and other gifts:

Give your Gin some Balls:

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