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Local is Lekker!

John Chelius, Waterfield Farm John Chelius has been farming at Waterfield, one of the leading hydroponic farms in KwaZulu-Natal, for more than 17 years. Although John grew up

Local is Lekker!

Bernhard Filter – Taxidermist

A visit to the Filters at La Bella Esperanza in L√ľneburg is always a memorable “Erlebnis”! They are Masters of life and Masters at life!

Local is Lekker!

Tania van Rooyen – Mimi Moya

Tania was born in Belgium and moved to South Africa about 10 years ago. Mimi Moya Eco Reserve offers an authentic bush experiences on the

Local is Lekker!

Stewart Oliver, Heart Eco

A lekker story about a World Without Waste with Stewart Oliver from HeartEco in Shongweni. Stewart sees value were other people don’t. Calling all DIYers

Local is Lekker!

Bennie Jordaan, Ghost Lures

Bennie Jordaan, passionate fisherman who likes nothing more than catching fish on the lures he has crafted himself. Bennie’s lures are in high demand in

Local is Lekker!

Heinz von Fintel, Deo Volente Poultry

Holger is looking for Lekker stories about local businesses during the COVID-19 lockdown. In this episode of “Local is Lekker”, Holger visits Heinz von Fintel

Local is Lekker!

Robert Greaves, Mhoba Rum Distillery

Mhoba Rum Distillery in Mpumalanga Province in South Africa. Mhoba is a farm to bottle, hand-made sugarcane juice rum made on the Greaves Family Farm

Lekker Destination

Tanya Cruse, Gin & Company

We visit Tanya Cruse at her new concept store, Gin & Co. Gin & Co is the new home of Dollie Gin as well as