My Craft is Selling

Holger is a prolific networker in the craft and liquor industry, a passionate content creator and a Retail Influencer.

Holger is a blogger, podcaster, international speaker and publisher of The Beer Book.  Holger has been selling micro-beer and beverages for 25 years.

If you believe in the 10,000 hour rule, i.e. that it takes a min 10,000 hours for someone to really master his craft, then I qualify when it comes to SELLING.

I started selling micro-brewed beer, for family brewer, Bavaria Bräu, in 1994. And have been involved in selling beer and other beverages ever since.

The Beer Book

Are you planning a trip to the KZN Midlands, the Western Cape or Mpumalanga? If you are, get excited, there may be a brewery or two that you can visit en route. So in the spirit of learning more about beer, even on our vacations, order your copy today. 

The Beer Book is a tour guide to breweries in South Africa that welcome visitors. Don’t forget to take you copy of The Beer Book along on the trip as many of the breweries will reward you with a FREE beer when you visit them.

Gin Fanatics

Gin is the best tonic. Telling the story of (mostly) South African Gin. Join this popular Facebook Group.

Content Marketing

Content is king! We help retailers and brand partners create authentic content. Who says Radio can’t be glamorous?

Holger is the Host of the DrinksBiz Podcast subscribe here: DrinksBiz Podcast

Past Guests include: The Beer Prince, HRH Prince Luitpold of Bavaria, Michael Olivier, Delron Buckley, Lucy Beard, Simone Musgrave, Peter Dean and many more.