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Retail Influencer and Marketing Expert

Want to tap into Holger’s network? If you have been in an industry as long as we have, one often forgets how valuable it is and one takes it for granted! Our network is probably our biggest asset.

Retail Destinations

We love working with enterprising entrepreneurs with characters, who want to explore new ways to sell. Let us help you create and communicate a point of difference. 

We have worked with some amazing retail destinations like: Hillcrest Tops, Ballito Tops, Camperdown Tops, Mtunzini Tops, Nottingham Road Brewing Company, and Siggi’s German Restaurant to name a few.  All great shopping destinations.

  • UP MARKET is a marketing program for retailers who want to develop and communicate a point of difference.
  • Monthly subscription: R4000 + Vat (monthly visit), R10000 (weekly visit), R20000 (twice weekly visit)

HOLGER TV (Digital Marketing, Content Producer)

Brand Owners

We have been selling beer and spirits for 25 years, and we now focus on helping new brands establish their route-to-market and help them connect with the right retail outlets.


  • With MARKETACCESS we help brand owners and distributors get their brands into Up Market liquor retailers.
  • MARKETACCESS has access to the best distributors and manages these distributors on the brand owners behalf. We monitor stock levels and place orders when necessary.
  • We work with the Up Market liquor retailers and will assist brand owners in their efforts to get their brands onto the right shelves.
  • While MARKETACCESS is not a sales agency, its representatives do visit the top retailers on a regular basis.
  • MARKETACCESS has a large network of useful contacts and offers support to generate leads for your business.
  • The regional MARKETACCESS subscription package for brands is R3000 + Vat per month payable via debit order.

Consulting: Daily Rates

Daily Rates (10:00 – 15:00) – R5000 + Vat

Accelerate your growth

Online Ordering Platform
  • List your brands on our blog and on the online order portal created for our Up Market liquor retailers, see 
  • Regional listings start at R1000 + Vat per month payable by debit order.

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