Wartburger Hof Hotel

With Francois van Wyk, the new owner at the Wartburger Hof Hotel

Wartburg may soon have it’s brewery back. Today we had a lovely lunch at the Wartburger Hof Hotel and meet with Francois van Wyk and his family, the new owners. Francois was GM and group executive chef at the Orion Group, the previous owners of the Hof, and hails from Hartbeespoort. Francois also is planning to get the old brewery, which currently in storage at The Devonshire Hotel in Braamfontein, up and running again.

My love affair with the Wartburger Hof dates back to the early 90’s. Siggi Schädle, shared my passion for finding authentic German cuisine, beer, and Schnapps for his “out of Bavaria” Hotel in the little Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands village.

There was much excitement in Wartburg when Siggi imported a Braumeister brewery and started brewing his Wartburg beers.

I loved the idea that he always smuggled German Schnapps in Shampoo bottles. We both wanted him to import a distillery, but could not get the approval from Frau Schädle.

The Warburger Hof Hotel is now under new management. Francois van Wyk and his family took over as new owners at the end of November 2018. 

The Wartburg Hotel even had an original Wartburg (via Olaf Kunschke)

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