VLB Berlin, International MicroBrew Symposium

VLB Berlin, also known as the Institute for Fermentation and Biotechnology, is a brewing school in Berlin. Check out their courses: https://www.vlb-berlin.org/en/training

VLB Berlin invited me to do a talk at their International MicroBrew Symposium which took place at the worlds leading trade fair for the beverage industry drinktec in Munich, Germany: read more

The world famous Schneider Bräuhaus München was the venue for our pre-symposium dinner, which was a great opportunity to get to meet the VLB Berlin team and some of the other speakers.


At the symposium, I met quite a few South Africans that have done a brewing course at the VLB Berlin.

About 100 people from all over the world attended the symposium. Most of the talks focused on technical aspects of craft brewing, whereas mine was about sales and marketing.  The topic was: Creating Beer culture in a market dominated by SAB. Using new media to help retailers go from 10 mainstream beers to 500 craft beers. – The craft brewing scene in South Africa

With lunch, we had the opportunity to taste beers from Perle Brewery based in Strassbourgh, France – www.biereperle.com. Interesting that according to Christian Artzner, the founder of Perle, there are about 700 craft breweries in France.

At the end of the symposium, we had an opportunity to taste Crew Republic’s range of beers, a local craft brewery, started by Timm Schnigula and Mario Hanel in 2011.