Nambia’s Ale Trail

The former German colony has a rich tradition of enjoying beer. Historically known for its two breweries, Windhoek Breweries in the capital and Swakop Breweries on the coast, Namibian Breweries is the nations pride, brewing Tafel Lager, Windhoek, Urbock, Stellenbrau and now the Camelthorn range.

Cycling is thirsty work.

There is nothing more refreshing than a Hansa Draught (only available on tap in Namibia) after a long day cycling through the Richtersveld.

  1. Namib Dunes Craft Brewery Swakopmund
  2. Skeleton Coast Brewery
  3. Brewer & Butcher, Strand Hotel, Swakopmund
  4. Namibian Breweries, Windhoek