004 Manfred Haf

In today’s show, we chat with Manfred Haf who worked for Dr Anton Rupert’s Rembrandt Group selling tobacco products, Intercontinental Breweries. IC brands included Kronenbrau 1308, Heidelberg, Sportsman Lager & Colt 45. The Beer war of the 70’s lasted for about 7 years before IC was sold to SAB in return for a controlling share in Stellenbosch Farmers Winery.

Manfred tells how SAB dominated the market and how they managed to capture a significant portion of the market in South Africa. IC got a lot of exposure with their Clydesdale horse waggons.

In 1980’s Manfred helped Namibian Breweries open depots in Johannesburg and Cape Town to launch Windhoek Beer in South Africa.

Today Manfred helps Flare Beverages as the national sales manager. We talk Erdinger, Paulaner & Bitburger.

Manfred’s motto: offer a good product and support it with good service.

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