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German Beer Culture

Holger chat’s to Florian Leykauf about beer culture and in particular about German beer culture, focusing on beer culture in Florian’s hometown of Munich.

The most important beer style in Munich is Helles and the Augustines Helles being the local favourite. Augustiner-Bräu was started by the Augustinian monks who began brewing beer in their Augustinian monastery near the Cathedral of Munich In 1328.

We talk about the traditional beer styles from Munich including Helles, Dunkel & Weissbier.

Beer gardens are a very important part of beer culture in Munich complete with Chestnut trees.

Find out which beer gardens to visit.(source:
Chinesischer Turm – The beer garden Chinesischer Turm is located in the English Garden (Englischer Garten), Munich’s largest park area. With a size of 417 hectares, the English Garden is larger than Hyde Park in London or Central Park in New York. Due to its close distance to the university, the beer garden often attracts a young crowd, mixed with park visitor including many tourists.

Six traditional Bavarian brands are served at Oktoberfest: Augustiner, Paulaner, Hofbräu, Spaten-Franziskaner, Hacker-Pschorr and Löwenbräu.

Hirschgarten – The beer garden “Königlicher Hirschgarten” is named after the recreational park Hirschgarten. As its name indicates, there is a deer park just next to the beer garden. With 8,000 seats under gigantic chestnut trees, Hirschgarten is the world’s largest beer garden.

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How to import beer in South Africa

Today’s questions in the ask Holger show is: How to import beer into South Africa. Myles Oelofse of Nordic Craft imports Mikkeller beer from Denmark.  Holger asked Myles to help answer the question, as he has just been through the whole process.  Myles recommends starting the process with obtaining the NLA (National Liquor Authority) distributors licence from the DTI in Pretoria.  He further explains how the new tariff code procedure has been changed by SARS.  Importers now need a tariff code.

Myles is married to a Dane and studied in Copenhagen where he met the founders of Mikkeller Beer and they belonged to a beer club.  Mikkeller now exports his beers to over 50 countries worldwide and he has opened a number of bars around the world:

Myles not only offers valuable lessons of how to import beer, but he also shares his story of how he ended up importing this world famous beer to South Africa.

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Skip the first 17 minutes if you only want to listen to the Myles and Mikkeller story.

007 Robert Mitchell – Old Main Brewery

In todays show Holger chats to Robert Mitchell, who was involved in a number of landmark restaurants and pubs in South Africa, including The Kegs, Joe Kools, Billy The BUMS, Stokers Arms, The Firkin, Waxy O’Connors, Station Masters and Old Main Brewery.

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006 Graeme “Surfing” Bird – Poison City Brewing

In this episode of Crafting a Living, Holger chats with Graeme Bird, managing director of Poison City Brewing,

Durban is a finger in the face of conformity.

“Amongst the iconic South African Cities, Durban is the ugly sister, less beautiful than Cape Town and poorer than Johannesburg, but this edgy industrial city, near the beach and by the country, is in its own way beautiful amongst the sisters, she’s the keeper.”

Poison City is a lifestyle brand built around Durban and its surfing lifestyle.

Poison City:  Holger talks to Graeme “Surfing” Bird from Poison City Brewing about what makes Durban famous: Is it the harbour, Johnny’s Chip & Cheese Roti’s, no it’s Surfing and the Rebel Lifestyle.

Graeme wants to creating a brand that makes Durban proud.

Poison City brewed their first beer, The Bird Lager, with Sean and Paul at That Brewing Company, the second beer, The Punk Rocker, an English Pale Ale with Jason at Toti Brewing Company, then The Kiff, a Belgian Wit with Shaun Standeaven and then The Other Bird, a Czech Dark Lager, which was developed by Czech brewing veteran Ladislav Vesely.  Next up is the Wedge, an American style, Imperial Pale Ale, and then when the time is right, Graeme is planning to launch a mass market beer, called Durban Poison.

Lessons from Kevin Hedderwick, from Famous Brands, etc

Poison City beers are available in over 100 outlets in Kzn and over 200 nationally, e.g. Tops at Spar, Beerhouse, Republik, Bananjam, etc

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004 Manfred Haf

In today’s episode of Crafting a Living, we chat with Manfred Haf who worked for Dr Anton Rupert’s Rembrandt Group selling tobacco products, Intercontinental Breweries. IC brands included Kronenbrau 1308, Heidelberg, Sportsman Lager & Colt 45. The Beer war of the 70’s lasted for about 7 years before IC was sold to SAB in return for a controlling share in Stellenbosch Farmers Winery.

Manfred tells how SAB dominated the market and how they managed to capture a significant portion of the market in South Africa. IC got a lot of exposure with their Clydesdale horse waggons.

In 1980’s Manfred helped Namibian Breweries open depots in Johannesburg and Cape Town to launch Windhoek Beer in South Africa.

Today Manfred helps Flare Beverages as the national sales manager. We talk Erdinger, Paulaner & Bitburger.

Manfred’s motto: offer a good product and support it with good service.

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