Holger consults to Retailers, Brewers and other leaders in the liquor industry.


You have a great brand that has massive potential, but...
  1. Sales are not what you would like them to be.
  2. Margins are not what you'd hoped for.
  3. Finding an effective sales team seems impossible.
  4. Connecting with the right people is difficult and time-consuming.
  5. Just knowing where to begin can be overwhelming as time just seems to run away.
Many of these problems are part of an environment you can't change:
  1. The economy is tough.
  2. There is more competition than ever before.
  3. All the good people seem to be everywhere else but with you.
If you could buy more time, you would.
If you could talk to the right people, you would.
I can help
You can choose to continue as is, working seven days a week, taking Christmas day and New years day off. 
You can continue to throw money at problems not really knowing if your money is working to improve things.
or ... you can work with me.
You are the average of the people you surround yourself with.
You can join Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, hire arty farty Ad Agencies, employ sharp looking sales teams and pay big bucks to highbrow consulting companies. 
(all of which have their place)...but how many of them really love your Brand, your industry, and not just the invoice they send you each month?
Join my elite group and begin to address these problems.
Connecting with the right people works.
I am in the trade, (your trade) all the time.
This is what I have done for the past 24 years.
Sign up now and:

1. Get connected to right people (people you did not know even existed!)

2. Call me up and get some straight talk...not Ad Agency waffle...got a question ...ask me.

3. Get listed in my "Industry Buyers Guide" - the guide used by many leading retailers to discover and buy new brands. (I distribute your pricelist and credit apps online) valued at R3500 per month.

4. Feature in my weekly trade newsletter, read by 4 000 key people in the industry.

5. Be interviewed on my wildly popular podcast where we tell your story.

6. Become part of my rockstar network I have built up from writing the South African best-selling "Beer Book"

7. Have password controlled assess to my industry forum guide.liquorsa.co.za

8. Get my additional personalised consulting services at reduced members-only rates.
You are the boss, - nobody tells the boss what he/she does not want to hear. 
You'll hear the truth from me.
I will tell you it like it is. (I have nothing to lose.)

I followed your advice and went through a very painful  360-degree repositioning. I think it’s the best advice anybody has given me!

Hein Swart
Mitchell's Brewing
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Feel free to contact me for more information:
Holger Meier | 082 465 3849 | holger@meier.co.za