Publisher of The Beer Book, The Industry Guide and, Holger first started selling & distributing beer in 1994.

Holger consults to breweries, distilleries, distributors, brand owners and other leaders in the liquor industry. He can help you with Sales and Distribution Questions and Route to Market Strategy.

Holger works with leading Retailers to Market and Develop their Craft Beer & Spirits Business.

Mike Egling: "Holger people are starting notice our work" - Hillcrest Tops - National Tops of the Year 2016


Daily Consulting (R6000* + Vat + Travel) * - Community members get 25% discount

Consultation (R900* + Vat / hour) * - Community members get 25% discount

Skype Call (R600* + Vat / hour) * - Community members get 50% discount on 1st hour Online Community Membership (from R600 + Vat / month)

Who should join?

  • Only the Top Retailers should apply

  • Unique Drinks Brands that are crafted with care  (Beer, Gin, Spirits, etc)  will be considered

  • Independent Liquor Distributors


  • As a member, you get access to the Holger's Directory. It’s like our community’s little-black book for brewers, distillers, distributors and importers.

  • Get access to knowledge from the top industry experts

  • Get Product and Industry Information + News Updates

  • Get help with any question/problem you have from the experts in the field

  • The ideas and contacts within the community can save or earn you thousands of Rands

  • Connect with Brewers/Brands to get access to limited release or difficult to locate products

The Community is NOT for...

  • This not a Q&A forum where you can ask question after question without ever contributing.  We are looking for members who are willing to share their knowledge and experiences and are willing to regularly engage in discussions and contribute to the community.

  • Corporations, membership is for people who value personal relationships. Join the community in your personal capacity, don't hide behind a big corporate banner