You might brew the best beer in the world, but if you can‘t sell it, no one will know.

Holger has been selling beer and other drinks for more than 22 years and knows every role player in the industry.

Work with Holger.  Surround yourself with success.

Holger is passionate about retail, especially unique, creative, niche outlets and works with a number of leading Specialist Craft & Beer Retailers.

Holger consults to breweries, distilleries, distributors, brand owners and other leaders in the liquor industry.  Let Holger help you with your sales, distribution and ecommerce strategy.

Holger's Books:

The Beer Book is the most extensive guide to Beer and Breweries in South Africa. In this book Holger Meier offers to take us on a journey of discovery in the South African World of Beer.

The Industry Guide lists all brands, breweries, distilleries, manufacturers and distributors.

Stay in touch with me:

The Industry Guide is the leading liquor information site listing all brands, breweries, distilleries, manufacturers and distributors.

Starting a brewery

Brewing beer, distilling gin, or making other drinks products seems like a lucrative business. It can be lucrative and you too could be brewing your own beer.

Craft Beer Jobs

Craft Beer Jobs is a very target group where you can advertise and find employment opportunities in the craft brewing and liquor industry in South Africa.

Brewery or Beer Tours

Visit a Brewery, learn from the master… the brewmaster. I love talking about beer, and sharing my beer adventures, and if you are interested in Beer and Craft Breweries, please join me on my adventures. There is no better place to learn about beer, than in a brewery.

The Beer Book will guide you to all the breweries that welcome visitors. (Includes R2000+ worth of FREE craft beer.)