Holger is a South African Entrepreneur who has been involved in the Craft Beer and Drinks Industry for over 20 years.

Holger is the Publisher of The Beer Book and The (Liquor) Industry Guide.  In 2013 Holger founded LiquorSA.co.za, South Africa's leading liquor and drink website.

He also produces two podcast shows: Crafting a Living and Ask Holger.

Holger's first job was at the family micro-brewer, Bavaria Bräu, where he developed his passion for sales and beer.

Holger is a passionate advocate for the craft beer industry in South Africa and now mentors top retailers across South Africa.

Holger consults to Retailers, Brewers and other leaders in the liquor industry.

Consulting Rates:

Daily Consulting (R6000* + Vat + Travel) * - Community members get 25% discount

Consultation (R900* + Vat / hour) * - Community members get 25% discount

Phone or Skype Call (R600* + Vat / hour) * - Community members get 50% discount on 1st hour

Group Consulting:

As an alternative to one-on-one consulting, join our online community (membership $49 / month)

Holger can help Retailers identify opportunities to differentiate their stores from large chain stores.  How?

  • Market Research: visit opposition retail outlets and analyse their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Range:  do an audit of current range and initiate relationships with potential new local suppliers.

  • Sourcing: help source hard to get brands from other regions and help organise the logistics with (temperature controlled) transporters.

  • Partnership with suppliers:  Holger knows every brewery, distillery, and distributor in the country.

  • Build community: Build database of customers, useful for Loyalty program, Whatsapp Group, Newsletter, Facebook Group

  • Categories:  Start with the Craft Beer and Gin category, then explore other exciting opportunities such as Whiskey, Portuguese & Spanish Wine, Shooters and Ready to Drink as well as Homebrewing Supplies

Do you need help with sales?   Holger personally knows all the top retailers and distributors in the country and can help you with the sales and distribution of your brand.

Do you need new brands to distribute?  Do need to improve your relationships with top retailers?

Need advice, contacts, or just someone to bounce an idea off?  Need to know where to buy what?

Join our online community for Retailers, Brand Owners and Distributors.

Get advice from Holger and other industry experts.

Get instant access to Holger's Buyers Guide for Beer, Cider, Craft Gin and other leading liquor products.

Brand Owners, let Holger introduce you to top Retailers, Distributors and Wholesalers.

Brewers and Distillers connect with Packaging and Brewing Equipment Suppliers.

Join our online community and all this for $49 / month


We screen all new members to make sure they bring applicable, real-world Liquor Retailing experience to the community.

We want members who strive to offer a great shopping experience to their community to join.

Suppliers who contribute and share will be considered

Learn as much as you can, share as much as you can, teach as much as you can.


We know that there's no shortage of online business and brewing groups you can join.  Here are four reasons why this community can help you the most as a store owner:

  1. Help with your biggest problems.  What's the only thing worse than wrestling with a painful problem you can’t solve? Having no one to talk with who understands! If you’re anything like the rest of our members, your favorite aspect of being a part of this community will be connecting with other store owners who have or are struggling with the same business problems you’re facing and can help.
  2. Connect with Brewers and Brands to get access to limited release or difficult to locate products. As a member, you get access to all of Holger's little Directory of contacts. It’s like our community’s little-black book for brewers, distillers, distributors and importers.
  3. The ideas and contacts within the community can save or earn you thousands of Rands. Get Product and Industry Information and News Updates. Get access to knowledge from the top industry experts.
  4. Let's grab a beer. Our members are fun, awesome, interesting people you’d want to actually hang out with in real life.

  • You just here to ask question after question without contributing. We're looking for members who are willing to contribute and share their experiences. Membership is a two-way street.

  • You do not want to interact with members of the community and grow your personal relationships within the community.

  • You think this is an opportunity to sell to members, rather look for opportunities to contribute and build real relationships.